The Frixion



British born, London/Berlin based singer songwriter Gene Serene started putting her brand of electronic pop out in the late 90s. The 00s saw the birth of her nom de plume “Gene Serene” whilst co-writing with Bill Borez and Barry Ashworth, Genie found herself propelled and embraced by the “electro-pop/clash” scene.


UK based keyboard maestro and producer Lloyd Price is best known as a collaborator of Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s Martin Degville and an ex-member of the dark electro combo Massive Ego.


Genie and Lloyd came across one another on social media; both devastated at the news of their hero Prince passing they had begun posting their favourite videos online. Lloyd had heard Gene Serene’s previous work and sent over a demo track which became their first single From Dusk ‘til Dawn. The rest, as they say, is history.


With their first EPs and a single under their belts, the band locked themselves away in the studio writing and recording their first album. The Frixion still found time to join forces with Manchester’s AnalogueTrash record label in the summer of 2018 after working together on the Ohm From Ohm Tour earlier that year.


Their intoxicating blend of sultry vocals, conscious lyrics and beautifully elegant arrangements has seen them win over not just fans of electronic music, but also discerning fans of well written, intelligent pop as well.


With ever-increasing radio play and a rising media profile, the future is looking ever brighter for The Frixion.


The Frixion will be appearing on the Aatma Stage on the Friday Night of Foundations 2019