The Community Action Stage (Debates)


Following on from last year’s fantastic panel discussions – led by the incomparable John Robb and our very own Emily Oldfield, we are very proud to present the next in our ongoing series of Foundations debates.


This time, Emily is joined by Georgina Robinson and Ashleigh Talbot – both well- known figures on the Manchester Music scene – and both bringing new insights and experience to the discussion.


This year’s debates will explore the Foundations 2019 tagline:  Digital/Gender/Future.


Digital – will explore the ways in which technology continues to transform the way we create, share and consume music – with a focus on both the huge range of music and art we have on this year’s event – as well as looking how this relates to the creative ecosystem both in the city and beyond.


Gender – Foundations has always strived to be an open and inclusive event – starting with the programming/commissioning that is at the heart of the Festival.   However – this year, more than any previous event we stepped back and realised we had (without contrivance) managed to put together a genuinely gender diverse line-up – which will form the starting point for the 2nd debate of the series. What does this mean? Why is it important? How does gender inform and enrich the music and art we make?


Future – Three Festivals in, we are keen to ensure that Foundations continues to grow and evolve. Given our focus on Community and Collaboration it therefore only seems fitting to give our artists and audience an opportunity to talk about what they’d like to see happen next.  For this final debate the panel will comprise the four curators of Foundations 2019 – Adrian Thompson, Amy Griffiths, David Fox and Emily Oldfield – Come and join us for a chat and help us figure out the future…


The Community Action Stage Debates will take place on the Screentest stage on the Saturday afternoon of Foundations 2019