Soapbox Sessions (Other Voices)


Introduced during Foundations 2018 – the Soapbox Sessions were conceived as a stage of (literal) interventions – involving a soapbox, a microphone and a loose collective of speakers, poets and activists – all being given a 5-minute slot (on the aforementioned soapbox) to get their point across.


The soapbox itself moved around the whole of the Foundations site – at various points appearing in the bar, on (or next to) the stage, at others out in the smoking area.


This year – we’re trying a slightly different approach – with a concentrated 30 minutes of ‘who’s rant is it anyway’ rapid-fire mic-passing.


This is not a performance – this is a statement.


Say something that means something.


Soapbox Sessions (Other Voices) will take place on the Saturday afternoon of Foundations 2019 in the Main Bar.