Let Them Eat Cake


Cake? What on earth is this about?


Cake means Cake: Brexit means Breakfast. Qu’ils mangent de la brioche ? Marie Antoinette (but probably not) Rousseau’s Confessions – sounds a bit like blasphemous rumours to us…


Creme tangerine and montelimar? A ginger sling with a pineapple heart perchance?


Probably more apt – thank you George (Harrison that is, not one of the royal ones).


“Cake is here, there and a little everywhere, such as it is, with its faults, with its personal differences and distinctions which it accepts and views with indifference. We are often told that we are incoherent, but into this word people try to put an insult that it is rather hard for me to fathom. Everything is incoherent. The gentleman who decides to take a bath but goes to the movies instead. The one who wants to be quiet but says things that haven’t even entered his head. Another who has a precise idea on some subject but succeeds only in expressing the opposite in words which for him are a poor translation. There is no logic.”


Simplicity is Cake

Cake is the food of Love

Love is Cake

Life is Love

Dada 4 Life

Bon Appetit!


Let Them Eat Cake will take place on the Saturday afternoon of Foundations 2019 in the Main Bar. Make sure you leave some room for dessert – tea will be served….