South London’s enigmatic electro-post-punks LegPuppy are quite possibly the most entertaining band on the circuit. The band continue to cause a stir with their explosive live shows, where they were given the tag “Fully paid up members of the South London lunatic performers collective” by Tim Perry of The Windmill Brixton.


LegPuppy were originally formed deep in the Welsh valleys, amongst a backdrop of bingo callers, haunted rickety hotels, dancing goats and clown worshipers.


This unique and dynamic four piece offer a satirical attack on the modern world, with tracks such as ‘Meds and Beer,’ ‘Selfie Stick’, ‘Narcissistic Prick’ ‘Paranoid’ and ‘Twit Machine’.


These tracks (and others like them) brilliantly showcase for what they’re all about; humour, satire, and a whole lot of personality.


LegPuppy will be appearing on the Peer Hat Stage on the Saturday night of Foundations 2019