Dan Hett X Caro C



Dan Hett is a BAFTA-winning digital artist, games designer and writer. He builds things with technology, and about technology, for himself and sometimes others. His work lives online, offline, quietly, loudly, and sometimes in public spaces and galleries around the world or close to home. If you ask him very nicely, he sometimes produces work for others too. His work has been covered by the BBC, Guardian, Forbes, Creative Review, Engadget, Rockpapershotgun and a whole pile of other places. Dan hates writing about himself in the third person and lives in Manchester, UK.


Caro C is a Manchester based electronic music artist, sound engineer & music facilitator. Alongside her work as a solo artist (three albums to date, plus a string of EPs, collaborations and remixes) Caro has experience as a creative facilitator for a huge range of exciting audio/visual/educational projects


The (now annual) Delia Derbyshire Day – which takes place at the John Rylands Library in Manchester is a particular highlight of her creative work, while she has previously collaborated and/or facilitated work at venues/institutions as wide ranging as The Bridgewater Hall (Manchester), Blue Dot Festival (2017), Festival Number 6 (2017), Royal institute of Science (London), Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester)


For Foundations 2019 Dan and Caro will be collaborating on a (top secret) live art/audio visual project which will form part of the opening evening of the Festival.


Needless to say, with the degree of talent and experience involved here we are anticipating something very special indeed


Dan Hett X Caro C will take place on the Screentest Stage on Friday night of Foundations 2019