caffeine kill



Bristol-based Industrial Metal 5 piece [ caffeine kill ] fuse driving guitars, pounding electronica and harrowing vocals to create a sound that is all their own. After years of gigging they have honed their craft to perfection and built their reputation on a truly energetic and expressive live show.


2020 brings the first release since Still Bleeding (2007)


“Forget emo, forget stroppy teens – the only thing you need right now is a healthy dose of Caffeine Kill. They take their cue from NIN and Marilyn Manson to create a unique mix of industrial-goth synth music. They are a breath of fresh air to the scene with their professional, energetic sound, dynamic stage presence and tortured vocals. Imagine the setting: a dark, sweltering room filled with sweaty bodies, nursing your whiskey and coke and desperately trying not to pass out from the heat. Then the infectious beat begins…”


[ caffeine kill ] will be appearing on the Peer Hat Stage on the Friday night of Foundations 2019