Berlyn Trilogy (DJ Set)



Wakefield’s Berlyn Trilogy offer brooding electronic pop with dark industrial undertones. Simon’s clear, emotive vocals overlay swooping synthesiser atmospherics and addictive melodies from James, all driven by pounding beats, creative samples, and Faye’s bass guitar.


With influences ranging from the vintage to the modern, Berlyn Trilogy pride themselves on having a great live sound, and engaging stage presence. They released their Flowers Fall EP at the end of May 2018. It includes brand new tracks produced by Steve Whitfield, and remixes by some well respected names in the electronic scene. The EP sees the band embracing a punchier, more direct sound and some interesting lyrical themes, while maintaining the signature sound that has enticed fans and critics alike over the last few years.


 “…one of the finest synthpop outfits of the modern era” 

The Electricity Club, 2018


Berlyn Trilogy (DJs) will be appearing in the main bar on the Friday Night of Foundations 2019