Adventsong first appeared on the scene with the Metroid inspired Nebulae and the wintry Peak Snow. These two tracks would go on to be featured on the label’s launch sampler Disintegrated Journeys / Disintegrated Destinations a two-part adventure through ambient beats, squelching lo-fi electronica and gnarly techno that arrives in a land of cavernous drones and elegiac ambience.


Spurred on by the infectious enthusiasm of his label-mates, Adventsong finished and released his debut record Happy Accidents in August 2018, traversing from the warm pads of opening track Daibutsu through futuristic house, swirling noise, and sparse echoing piano. This was followed by a number of collaborations with his label-mates, including a remix of Sunbane’s The Alchemist.


Adventsong draws from a wide palette of inspiration, from post-metal to video game soundtracks, crafting emotive, glittering and crystalline soundscapes. With a debut live appearance at The Peer Hat with other Disintegration State artists under his belt, Adventsong is now working on record #2 for a 2019 release.


Adventsong will be appearing in the Main Bar on the Saturday Night of Foundations 2019