Zoe Kennedy’s White Christmas in Negative (Installation Piece)

Snowblind. Iā€™m dreaming
The difference of winning
Trees obscured by clouds
A chill, like the ones I used to know
White light sun breaks the ice
Cold Light of day
Treetops Glisten, Children Listen
And may all your memories be white
A Fatal Motorcrash.
Your card is marked
May your days be merry and bright


This installation will be like nothing else you experience this year. Self Styled Audio/Visual/Film/Sonic/Noise Artist Zoe Kennedy returns to Manchester for her first installation/performance piece in the city for over half a decade ā€“ which promises to shed some light on her (increasingly prolific) career under a number of pseudonyms ā€“ many of which have seen her gain a critical foothold on the underground art/noise/electronic scene in both Warsaw, Berlin and (mosty recently) Stockholm.


As with previous projects (Death By Zoe, TransMission 86, Soul Sisters/Saints and Sinners, Fractals and Violet and Cocaine Piss Artistry) we are expecting nothing short of an impression when she arrives back at the venue.