Wrapped in Plastic (Installation Piece)

Detestable, deplorable, and desperate – the industrial-rock fingers of WRAPPED IN PLASTIC will come to expose all the rotting filth that you have hidden behind your crooked shit-stained smiles.


A mixture of electronics and electro-acoustics will ravage all but the most pure of souls in a ritualistic orgy of love and hate. Yes folks, this isn’t any cheap, x-rated movie or any fifth-rate porno play, this is the show you want.


The sleaziest show on earth – not actors, not paid imposters, but real actual filth that have been carefully screened in order to present to you the most flagrant violation of natural law known to man.


We are not here to save you.


We are not here to make you happy.


We are here to make everyone suffer.


After opening FOUNDATIONS 2016, Wrapped in Plastic have been commissioned to create a special installation piece for the festival’s 2018 edition.