Val/Kyrie (Live)

What is Val/Kyrie?  

That’s an easy one. Val/Kyrie is QueerArtNoise. Ask us something a bit more taxing.


Who is Val/Kyrie?  

They are four divided by zero.  Their names are not important.  Their numbers might well be.  They may be among us already and they may have already infiltrated your personal and/or virtual space. If so, relax – there is nothing more you can do about it.


Why is Val/Kyrie?    

Because nothing else is acceptable right now. It is that simple.


Where is Val/Kyrie?   

Two albums (to date) that you can discover on various corporate streaming services.

It is also in the location of accident of birth waiting to happen in a moment of uncertainty.  They are also coming for you. Look out.


When is Val/Kyrie?

Val/Kyrie is now – although in some senses Val/Kyrie has happened already.  You might say Val/Kyrie is inevitable – You might say it never will be.  Does it even matter? Time is Relative….


Does Val/Kyrie have a gender?   

You are asking the wrong questions here.