Transient Noise Bursts with Announcements (Poetry vs Noise)

One of the surprise hits of the inaugural Foundations Festival two years ago, this collaborative ‘experience’ began by assembling some of the City’s up and coming poetry and spoken word artists.


However, instead of a conventional ‘mic and a stage/poetry jam’ setting, the 30 minute commission (literally) juxtaposed them with a dynamic and varied selection of instrumental/experimental/noise artists.


Seeing wordsmiths and poets such as Ella Otomewo, Neo_101, Alex Lee and Emily Oldfield effectively ‘jamming’ with acts such as Pandemonium, Needle Factory, Oberloytnant and Mickey Strangeways was an incredible, inspiring and intense 30 minute ‘performance’ for those lucky enough to squeeze into the venue.


The queue was out of the door for this stage and, as a result we are bringing the concept back for Foundations 2018 – but with a new and expanded line up of Poets and Noise acts – and in a considerably bigger space!


However, the commission ‘brief’ remains as it did before….


None of these artists have collaborated previously – and before the day, very few of them will have even met in person.


The PA will be set up and ready – and a very cursory ‘who goes first’ conversation will happen just before the event.


What happens next will, if nothing else, be nothing like anything else you see at this, or any other festival this year…