Soapbox Sessions: Different Voices

“The word is out, the word is on (or is that OFF) the streets – Their word is law and the words are the rhymes that are words made of lines. There is reason in the writing and the writing rights the wrongs of these troubled times…”


Soapbox Sessions is a new and unique addition to the Foundations Programme which – by its very definition – sets out to surprise/confound/shock and provoke the mind (or is that the soul?)


Seventeen VOICES– to call them all poets or writers or activists or singers would be a disservice to their unique and distinctive talents – This is something different – more like a snapshot of a conversation – a bulletin (or is that a bullet?) delivered straight to the heart of the listener.


Given that Foundations is designed to be an ‘immersive’ experience – it only seems fitting that Soapbox Sessions will appear throughout the schedule, across all of the various stages/spaces – and often without warning.


Will it involve an actual soapbox?   Wait and see.


Will it be loud?  Possibly.


Will it be provocative?  Probably.


Will it be entertaining? Without a shadow of a doubt.