QIA (Club Night)

Queer Indie Alternative.


Everything is in the title.


The night started as a conversation between two DJs about how they loved indie and there wasn’t enough places playing it.


They also want to give queer artists more of a platform, so they play more artists from the LGBTQ+ community.


QIA DJ Hazel O’Keefe is the founder of Dulcet Sounds, Laughing Cows Comedy, Club Feminista, The UK Women in Comedy Festival and is the catalyst for many other projects.


Her work was recognised by Manchester City Council who awarded her ‘Women of Arts and Culture.’ ‘Hazel’s work has nurtured and empowered hundreds of female performers to explore their talent by providing a supportive space. She has achieved a unique way of supporting women in Manchester and has created a legacy for women both at a local and international level in an art form where women are still under represented.’ Manchester City Council


QIA DJ Sandra D first made a name for herselff on the gay alternative scene as a popular, lesbian DJ at Popstarz and Ghetto. Having played at some influential nights on the gay alternative scene, she moved into promotional roles at these clubs after gaining experience in the role of Promotions Manager of Candy.