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For the last two years, we have received gifts from the K Foundation


In 2017 we received a large amount. I understand from Greater Horizons that the K Foundation processes gifts made through Guidestar to different organizations.  My questions are:


  1. The funds we receive are not the K Foundation’s own funds.  Is that correct?  Thus, I should not send them a thank you letter for the gift.
  2. Is there a way to know who donated so we can thank them?  And if it is $250 or higher, who gives them a tax letter stating that   “no goods or services were given in return for the donation.”? $303804.76 is a lot of money by any reckoning
  3. Since we are a television, we post the names of donors who have given more than $3600 in a year.   We are assuming that we should not list the K Foundation if in fact it is not their money – they are just a pass through to JBS.


Again, it would be nice to acknowledge the donors who gave to JBS through the K Foundation.


Thank you for your anticipated response.


What is Project K?


Project K is about the realisation of the Foundations’ long-term objective and activity of providing platforms for its alumni to take their messages and extend their dialogue beyond the parameters of the session room. The spaces that are created and curated by the Foundation invite participants to be themselves, share, learn, be inspired and be empowered. They do this by living, socialising and learning alongside one another through their programmes.


The essence of what the Foundation does is focussed around human interaction. Our learning is experiential balancing the ‘taught’ with the ‘caught’. This matters, because we recognise the fact people have different styles and approaches to learning and this approach allows them to be told about it as well as to do and experience it.