Goteki (Live)

Goteki are an electronic band that fuse industrial, new romantic and film/video game score influences, with roots in the UK EBM/goth scene. The band is the brainchild of composer Ross Tregenza.


Goteki began life from the ashes of Tregenza’s first project – cybergoth band “Sneaky Bat Machine”. SBM died and made way for Goteki in 2000. Since then, the band has been through countless stylistic and musical iterations, and a roster of band members, with singer/songwriter Tregenza and live Bassist Ali Star at the core. They’re currently performing as a live two piece.


In addition to a plethora of singles, remix albums, EPs and curated collections, Goteki have released 3 albums to date, with a 4th due for release in Winter 2018.


Between Goteki releases, Tregenza has had a diverse musical career that’s heavily influenced Goteki’s music. He wrote music and played synth & guitar for 80s pop band Visage for a number of years and also works as a composer and sound designer for video games, including the legendary Timesplitters and Crysis series of games. The result has been a mutation of Goteki sound that now shows elements of 80s new romantic pop and orchestral cinematic scoring.