GameFace presents: ChipBattles

GameFace presents: ChipBattles

GameFace is a collective bringing together creators of low-tech and 8 bit music – commonly referred to as Chiptune. They curate live events, a website and podcast helping to spread the love and enjoyment of sounds born from video game culture.


Their proudest achievement so far is ChipBattles. Two Chiptune artists go head to head over 3 rounds in an 8-bit musical duel. All music is composed uniquely for the face-off and with the artists fighting for the crowd’s approval. Imagine a rap battle set in the universe of Scott Pilgrim and you’re close to the geeky joy of experiencing a ChipBattle.


They always have modified Game Boys with them for demonstrations on the many ways Chip-Musicians customise the consoles of their childhood to create modern music enjoyed all over the world.


Gameface: ChipBattles will be taking place at Foundations on the Saturday afternoon on the Other Stage.


“ChipBattles is the greatest thing ever.” Carl Peczynski, Planet Zaxxon