Cynthia’s Periscope (Live)

‘One of Manchester’s finest purveyors of art synth. Mixing punk, electropop and metal bashing among all manner of things, it’s catchy and pleasant one minute and terrifying the next.’ –


I have been writing and performing as Cynthia’s Periscope since 2014 and have played numerous festivals and venues such as the Carefully Planned Festival and We are all Trees Festival. In that time I have supported Thomas Truax and Paddy Steer. I have also received extensive radio play on Salford City Radio, Silent Radio and DEFsynthradio.


I draw influence from Synth Pop, Post-punk, Industrial and Electronica. My music tends to consist of beats, basslines and synths overlaid with found sounds and lyrics varying from the fragile and tender to the cathartic and brutal.