Cassette Tape Culture

Cassette Tape Culture

Since Foundations began as the coming together of two local labels – AnalogueTrash and Valentine Records – it only seems fitting that – in amongst all the live music/art/poetry/noise/community action/film and art – that we’d do what we do best to celebrate the inaugural Foundations… we’ve made a record together! Introducing – an exclusive joint-release:  VANALOGTREC001 – A very special remix project curated by Adrian and David (of AnalogueTrash and Valentine Records respectively)  – this cassette (and inclusive digital download) features no less than SIXTEEN acts.


4 from Valentine being remixed by 4 AnalogueTrash acts and 4 different AnalogueTrash acts being remixed in turn by Valentine artists. We can now unveil the full tracklisting – which is follows:


Valentine Records Remix AnalogueTrash: Syd.31 – We Are the Freaks (remixed by St Lucifer) /  Vieon – Flight Simulator (Fly By Light remixed by Mark Corrin) / FoxxyNewport – BLVCKLODGE    (remixed by Babyslave) / Advance – Grey Dawn (remixed by Neil Milton)


AnalogueTrash Remix Valentine Records: Reigns of Monty Carlo – So Say We All (remixed by Goteki) / Five Years Later – (Sixteen) Sixteen (remixed by DEF NEON) / vVULVAa – First Light (remixed by IIOIOIOII) / No Way Sweden – A Place Undiscovered (remixed by Nature of Wires)


ALL of these remixes are brand new and exclusive to this release. The limited edition cassette-only run will be available at the Foundations Shop – which, naturally will also be stocking cassettes, CDs, vinyl, t-shirts, posters and badges from both labels – alongside our visiting guest artists.