Who are Babyslave?


Susi (aka Hypnotique) – Vocals/Noise/Theremin (one of the world’s leading exponents for that matter!) – and sometime collaborator with everyone from Gong, Bob Moog, Jean-Jacques Perrey and, er Eamonn Holmes (look it up, no really).


Machine (aka Charlie) – Violin/Vocals/Noise – former member of The Monochrome Set and The Brides of Christ, ‘tutor’ to several members of the band-that-would-become-Radiohead and globe-trotting Sextuagenarianauthor/auteur/lecturer and cyber-poet.


Lucifer X (aka David) – Guitar/Vocals/Everything Else – Producer/DJ/Collector of alien artefacts/co-founder of Valentine Records Plc and resident Elvis Impersonator/Love/Hate Figure.


What are Babyslave?


The world’s first Industrial-Cabaret Band. Yes, that means Cabaret as in Weimar/Dietrich/Brecht and Industrial as in Throbbing Gristle/Whitehouse and, er Girls Aloud. London/Manchester/Brighton (via Berlin/Stockholm and New York). They were last spotted at an electro cabaret night in Clapton, North London…