Art Community Action

Art Community Action

Alongside the music, film and spoken word we have also invited several local fine art, multimedia – artists and photographers to showcase their work as part of Foundations. The first of these will take place on the third ‘Community Action Stage’ on the Friday night.




Morganna Bramah is a multimedia artist/actor/film-maker/model and chanteuse – whose previous work includes live art performance with Tranarchy, work on a variety of independent films (including those produced by her own production company Elysium Enterprizes) and – most recently her debut directorial feature – St Lucifer’s Trashorama short film.


The Red Palace is the Green Room of your Dreams (or is that nightmares) – an installation crafted via blood, sweat, love and tears. Combining elements of pop culture and alternative subculture, Morganna creates a space both familiar and frightening, a safe Haven for the savage…… The Red Palace will confound and excite you in equal measure.




Alongside Morganna’s installation, we will also have fine art and photography displayed across the venue throughout the weekend. Artists/Photographers so far confirmed include: Don Grant, Moody June, Steven Rolfe, Charlie Bergmann and Mark Edwards. We will be teasing further details of these artists work during the weeks leading up to Foundations.