Anointed (Club Night)

My name is Deany Sevigny, and I am ANOINTED.


I got my first ever DJing gig in 2008 at the legendary alt.queer club night Bollox, back when anyone who was anyone had their nights at the now long-gone Legends nightclub in Manchester. I loved it so much, I’ve worked with them regularly for the last 10 years.


From there I had regular stints at indie nights such as Eat Yr Makeup in Leeds, to Sheffield Pride in 2010, all the way to Bristol for the wonderfully eclectic Psycho:Drama in 2012. My heart and soul were always with Bollox – it’s a crowd I identified with who enjoyed my music.


In 2017 I was looking to start something of my own, and as luck would have it I was contacted by a seasoned pro and friend, Adrian of AnalogueTrash. We were instantly on the same page: inclusivity, no attitude or drama, playing music on the darker edges of pop/indie that we ourselves enjoy. You’ll regularly hear me playing the likes of The Knife, Marilyn Manson, Placebo, AFI, VNV Nation, The Cure etc.


After months of crafting the brand, teasing, and hinting, we gave birth to our twisted lovechild ANOINTED in February 2018.


And you couldn’t meet a prouder parent.